S Type Nozzles - Fluid Control

Unique conical design reduces back pressure through the material path improving your existing dispense results. The unique design eliminates clogging due to high pressure build up through a long tube.

Dramatic difference in distance between component and the different types of nozzle tip.

See the dramatic pressure differential between a common metal, plastic-housing nozzle and GPD S Type Taper Tips:

constant pressure chart
Dramatic pressure differential.

Benefits of S Type Taper Tips

  • Use with any Luer nozzle system for immediate improvement
  • Improved flow over commonly available luer nozzles
  • Better repeatability
  • Less material wicking to nozzle side
  • Smallest O.D. for given I.D.
  • More rigid for given I.D.
  • Can be cleaned for re-use
  • Special coatings to meet process requirements
Outer Diameter Comparing Outer Diameter of S Type Nozzles to Medical Tubing.
S Type Taper Nozzles & Kit Specifications by Part Number.

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